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Our products are mainly used as disinfectants for the poultry industry. We source high grade materials from carefully vetted manufacturers guaranteeing quality every time. Our products can be delivered in a single bag or drum, or large volume bulks and we are committed to timely deliveries and exceeding all of our customers’ expectations. 

Paraformaldehyde Prills

Paraformaldehyde is white, solid polymer of formaldehyde. It has a strong Formaldehyde smell.

It is slightly soluble in alcohols but insoluble in hydrocarbons and ethers. It is also insoluble in cold water, but is soluble in hot water.

Paraformaldehyde has a variety of uses:

It is used in the poultry industry as a disinfectant in the hatcheries, and cattle and sheep industry for sanitizing the bedding in the sheds. It releases formaldehyde gas when the temperatures increase. It reduces contamination levels caused by moulds, viruses and bacteria.

It is widely used by resin manufacturers. Resins are made in shorter times using paraformaldehyde rather than formalin, as it’s a dry commodity. And importantly less waste water is produced. It is used in making Phenolic urea and Melamine resins.

Paraformaldehyde is also used as an adhesion agent to harden glue, as well as in industrial coatings and wood products.

Oil well drilling chemicals, electrical component moulding materials also use this product.

Other end uses include graphic art and photographic chemicals, fluorescent tube and ink chemicals, and slow releasing fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, and in making paper.

The Pharmaceutical industry uses it as a hygienic disinfectant.

Formalin Agricultural Uses

Formalin  (Formaldehyde)

Formalin is a colourless liquid with  strong smell.  It is used by the poulty industry as a disinfectant in the hatcheries.

Formaldehyde solutions can be used as disinfectants and germicides because they kill bacteria, viruses and mould.

Paraformaldehyde prills are a solid form of formaldehyde.

There are various methods used to reduce contamination in the hatchery.

1. Fogging – spraying the formaldehyde solution within a building

2. Formaldehyde is mixed with potassium permanganate in a metal container to give off a chemical reaction. Used for egg fumigation

Potassium Permanganate Agricultural

Potassium Permanganate controls nuisance organisms, and is effective against some viruses.

May be used as bomb fumigation in chicken houses to fumigate the eggs.  It is mixed with a formaldehyde solution in a metal container to give of a chemical reaction.

Also known as Condys crystals.